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What Happens In Bladder Cancer?

Bladder cancer is a type of cancer that starts in the bladder. This cancer mostly affects people in their fifties and sixties. It’s frequently detected early on when it’s still curable. Because it’s prone to repeat, it’s usually best to get a second opinion. Blood in the urine is the most common sign.

Types of Bladder Cancer:

Transitional cell carcinoma: The most frequent type of bladder cancer is transitional cell carcinoma. It starts in the bladder’s inner layer’s transitional cells. When the tissue is stretched, transitional cells shift shape without becoming harmed.

Squamous cell carcinoma: In the United States, squamous cell carcinoma is a rare malignancy. After a long-term infection or irritation of the bladder, thin, flat squamous cells grow in the bladder.

Adenocarcinoma: In the United States, adenocarcinoma is also an uncommon cancer. It starts with the formation of glandular cells in the bladder as a result of long-term bladder irritation and inflammation. The mucus-secreting glands in the body are made up of glandular cells.


Bladder cancer develops when the DNA of cells in the bladder changes (mutates). The DNA of a cell carries instructions that tell it what to do. The modifications instruct the cell to reproduce quickly and continue to live even when healthy cells would die. The aberrant cells form a tumour, which can infiltrate and destroy healthy tissue. The aberrant cells can eventually break free and spread throughout the body (metastasize).


Blood can be found in the urine of many persons with bladder cancer, but they do not experience pain when peeing. Fatigue, weight loss, aching in the abdomen and back, painful urination and bone discomfort are some of the symptoms that can indicate this cancer, and they can signify more advanced disease.


Surgery, biological therapy, and chemotherapy are all options for treatment.


Our cancer specialist treats cancer with a combination of standard care and cutting-edge technology and methodologies, such as high-tech diagnostic tools, targeted radiotherapy, minimally invasive surgical techniques, and treatments guided by precision medical instruments.

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